Local Rules


1.          OUT OF BOUNDS (rule 18 Definition):


On or over any boundary wall, fence or hedge surrounding the golf course. To the right of the 11th and 13th fairways adjacent to the rugby field as defined by the white posts and trenches.

1st : on or to the right of the line indicated by white posts down the right hand side of the fairway.

6th : on or to the right of the line in front of the 8th green and in or over the trench on the left of the fairway.

6th & 8th : in or over the trench to the left of the 6th fairway.

7th : in or over the trench at the road side and at the rear of the green.

8th : on or to the left of the line indicated by white posts down the left hand side of the fairway.

18th : the area surrounding the clubhouse, the putting green, and in or over the trench behind the green.


              2.         ABNORMAL COURSE CONDITIONS (Rule 16 Definition):


The following are NOT Abnormal 0bstructions: Bridges, the outbuildings on the 5th, the wall between the 13th and 15th fairways, fences adjacent to the 6th and 7th tees.


All paths within the perimeter of the course, including those defined by blue lines across the 1st, 13th and 15th fairways are treated as abnormal ground conditions. The flagged area in front of the Halfway House at the 10th. The post to the rear of the 8th green. All wooden benches are defined as abnormal obstructions from which full relief may be obtained under rule 16, (one club length not nearer the hole from the nearest point of complete relief).







All are abnormal course obstructions and relief from interference by them may be obtained under Rule 16, i.e.: if the ball is within 1 club length the player may obtain relief without penalty; as follows:

i)    Not nearer the hole

ii)   Avoids such intervention and

iii)  Is not in a penalty area or on a putting green





Staked trees are deemed to be abnormal obstructions.

If such a tree interferes with the players stance or the area of his or her intended swing, the ball MUST be lifted, without penalty, and dropped in accordance with the procedures prescribed in Rule 16 (abnormal ground conditions).

The ball may be cleaned when so lifted.


              5.        PENALTY AREAS are defined by red & yellow stakes:


LATERAL WATER HAZARDS are defined by red stakes (Rule 17 applies):

All STAKES (Yellow and Red) are defined as abnormal ground obstructions from which relief may be obtained under Rule 16).









Revised January 2019



a.            Tractor tyre marks.

b.            Any area enclosed by a white/burnt line. Any such line is ground under repair and any ball touching such a line is in ground under repair and relief MUST be taken under Rule 16)

c.             Any winter green not in play is ground under repair and relief MUST be taken under Rule 16.


                7.       POST BEHIND 8th GREEN


When playing the 6th hole a ball striking the marker post may be played again, without penalty.



8.       200, 150- & 100-YARD MARKERS


The distance from the discs and or the posts is calculated to the centre of the green.





Match Play   -    Loss of Hole

Stroke Play   -    Two Strokes




Suspension of play                 -           3 Short blasts repeated

Resumption of play                 -           2 Short blasts repeated

Abandonment of play              -           1 Long blast repeated



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