Dress Code


Members are expected to follow the strict dress code applied by the club. They are asked to advise guests and visitors playing the course that the code is devised in keeping with the traditions of the game of golf. Whilst the club recognises the ever changing trends in ladies’ and gentlemen’s attire, set out below are simple guidelines on dress that are both acceptable on the course and in the clubhouse. There is also a list of clothing that is not approved anywhere within the confines of the club.

All clothing worn on the course and in the clubhouse (first floor) must be tasteful, clean and tidy at all times. It must not be wet, muddy or stained. Dirty work gear is not permitted.

All members and guests should be fully aware of the dress code for the club.


      1. Shirts with large logos, football or rugby or similar attire not designed for golf

      2. Tracksuits/shell-suits.

      3. Trainer type shoes on the course and in the clubhouse.

      4. Tee shirts on the course and in the clubhouse.

      5. Paramilitary style combat/cargo style shorts and trousers.

      6. Clothing designed to be worn for other sporting and pastimes other than golf, such as football, athletics and beach wear.

      7. Outdoor wear such as overcoats, raincoats and wet suits, in the bar/restaurant areas.

Any general or specific relaxation of Dress Codes will be at the discretion of Council.

A 4 stage disciplinary procedure will follow persistent breaches as follows:

1st incident:        Verbal Warning as to future conduct;

2nd incident:       Written Warning

3rd incident:       2 week suspension from the Clubhouse and Course;

            4th incident:        Cancellation of membership

The following is acceptable dress code and we would appreciate your support in maintaining the following standards:


      1. Any recognised golf wear specifically made for playing golf.

      2. Shirts must have a collar; however, those with roll or turtleneck design are acceptable.  Shirts must always be tucked in trousers or shorts.

      3. Tailored knee length shorts with similar coloured knee length sport socks or white ankle sports socks. White sockettes are not acceptable for men but can be worn by Ladies’.

      4. Coloured trousers, skirts, shorts that are ‘jeans’ style in design are acceptable (anything made of blue denim is not permitted)
      1. Trousers must not be worn tucked into socks.

      2. Only footwear designed specifically for the game of golf is acceptable.
      1. Baseball caps, hats or visors must be worn the correct way round and never worn in the clubhouse

      Smart casual dress must be worn in the clubhouse. “Jacket and Ties” may be specified on designated occasions.

      1. Jerkins and cardigans are not acceptable as jackets.

      2. Shirts must have a collar; however, those with roll or turtleneck design are acceptable.

      3. Golf shoes are not allowed.

      4. Members must have their shirts tucked into trousers or shorts at all times when in the clubhouse. For any private function where members of the public are present then it is acceptable for shirts to be worn outside the trousers

      5. Shoes and socks must be worn in the clubhouse. Modern, casual shoes, to include, sandals, loafers and deck shoes (trainer type shoes are not permitted).

      6. Coloured trousers, skirts, shorts that are ‘jeans’ style in design are acceptable


      Golf shirts or tops must have either sleeve or a collar. Short tops can be worn outside but long tops must be tucked in.

      1. Shorts must be tailored, be a reasonable length and worn with sports socks or sockettes.

      2. Cropped trousers must be tailored


    4. All prize winners must be smartly dressed when receiving their prize. The specific dress code is at the sole discretion of the Captain.

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