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Hole 10 - 18

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Hole 10





SI 13 13 11
PAR 4 4 4

THROUGH....the turn and the distant green is within easy reach with the second shot. The problem lies in that the green is on a plateau, so you could find a degree of difficulty especially with two green side bunkers catching out any errent iron shots. But birdies are always possible here.
View from the tenth tee to the fairway  
view from the fairway to the green

Hole 11





SI 2 2 2
PAR 4 4 4

THREE....fairway bunkers come into play off the tee. Out-of-bounds down the right could also prove problematic. However, hit a staight drive and it's a relatively easy four for most golfers as the second shot to the green is all downhill. Take care not to over-cook the second shot.
View from the eleventh tee to the fairway  

Hole 12





SI 18 18 16
PAR 3 3 3

THE....shortest hole on the card. Try not to visit any of the three bunkers that will catch out the ettant tee-shot. Take care with the approach iron and you will be rewarded with a possible birdie two. When the wind blows against then the right iron selection becomes important.

View from the 12th tee to the green  

Hole 13





SI 7 7 10
PAR 5 5 5

ONCE....again the out-of-bounds down the right hand side of the fairway comes into play off the tee. Trees to the left can also prove an obstacle, so the key is to keep the tee-shot straight. A degree of difficulty also pops up round the green with two bunkers and a ditch coming into play to punish a badley placed shot.

View from the 13th tee to the fairway  
View from the fairway to the green

Hole 14





SI 12 12 13
PAR 3 3 3
                                                         one of the most rewarding holes on the course. An accurate tee shot brings a birdies chance, but with three bunkers surrounding the hole, iron selection is important. Make sure not to leave the ball short of the green if you want to make par.

View from fourteenth to the green  

Hole 15





SI 16 16 18
PAR 4 4 4

TIGHT....tee shot and a difficult second if you stray left or right. A line of high trees to the right will catch you out, so play safe, unless you can hit an accurate driver. A big green with lots of undulation and some awkward pin positions will make it easy to three putt.

view from the fifteenth tee to the fiarway  
View fom the fairway to the green

Hole 16





SI 14 14 14
PAR 4 4 4

TWO....good shots will make this an easy par. Avoid the trees to the left and keep from straying to the right and you should drop the second shot on target quite comfortably. Two sand traps protect the green, but niether are difficult to negotiate.

View from the sixteenth tee to the fairway  
View from the fairway to the green

Hole 17





SI 15 15 15
PAR 4 4 4

THIS....card-wrecker must be handled with care. An Accurate tee-shot is vital. With little to see from the tee, plus trees to the left and out-of-bounds to the right, it is important to keep the ball in play. Again bunkers, plus a ditch in the front of the green, make the second shot a matter of precision.

View from the seventeenth tee to the fairway  
View from the fairway to the green

 Hole 18


375 354
SI 3 3 4
PAR 4 4 4

ALMOST....home. A good driving hole offers the opportunity to open your shoulders. Two fairway bunkers, plus a greenside trap, guard the second shot approach to a big putting surface. However, it should be remembered not to over-shoot, because that takes you beyond the boundary of the course.

View from the 18th tee to the fairway  
View from the fairway to the green

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